The Annexing of the Stanleyville Samples

The annexing of the Stanleyville samples: potential "fossil evidence" of ancient HIV-1 falls into the wrong hands


In July 2003 and February 2004, I posted essays on the Web which featured warnings that scientists associated with the Catholic University of Leuven (known as KUL in Belgium), and with Hilary Koprowski's aide-de-camp, Stanley Plotkin, had been attempting to annexe 1950s biopsy and autopsy samples found in the basement of the old Laboratoire Medicale de Stanleyville (LMS), in what is now Kisangani in the Democratic Republic of Congo.[1]

Plotkin's Chums (1): Eminent Scientists Sign their Names to Falsehoods

Plotkin’s chums (1): Eminent scientists sign their names to falsehoods, in a bid to protect Stanley Plotkin and Hilary Koprowski


The secret is out. Seven eminent scientists who have long been prominently involved in the "origins of AIDS" debate, allegedly as "honest neutrals" (Robin Weiss, Simon Wain-Hobson, Beatrice Hahn, Bette Korber, Steve Wolinsky, John P. Moore, and Robert Gallo), are actually part and parcel of a cover-up.

The New Round of Legal Threats by Doctors Koprowski and Plotkin

Officially, their stance is that they care little about the OPV/AIDS theory. They claim that it is but a minor annoyance that sometimes distracts them from their work for a few hours.

Sadly for them, the reality is rather different. Over the past four years, Hilary Koprowski and Stanley Plotkin have devoted a large portion of their time, and quite a bit of their incomes, to fighting the OPV/AIDS theory, and trying to ensure that it is suppressed in as many different fora (the halls of science, the media) as possible.

Untruths, Misrepresentations and Spin

Untruths, misrepresentations and spin: the dubious methods and tactics used by Stanley Plotkin's group in the "Origins of AIDS" debate

I think it is time for me to make a formal statement about the methods and tactics which Dr Stanley Plotkin, and various members of his support group, have been using in their attempts to counter the OPV theory, and to contest the "origins of AIDS" debate.

The Allegation that The River has Damaged Modern Attempts to Eradicate Polio

The allegation that The River has damaged modern attempts to eradicate polio: more fabrications by doctors Koprowski and Plotkin.

I think it is time to put something important on the record in the public domain, and to do so in forthright fashion.

I have spent some time investigating the claims by doctors Koprowski and Plotkin that The River had damaged modern polio vaccination campaigns - which claims, when I first heard them, caused me some real concern.

Dr Hilary Koprowski - The Man of Many Ideas

When I wrote The River in 1999, I was still to some extent uncertain about Dr Koprowski and his African research. He had been loath to discuss it with me in interview - and even at one stage between our two interviews in 1993 had threatened not to discuss that particular aspect of his work with me at all. [See The River, pages 407-409.]

Comments on Worobey et al.'s Supplementary Information and Map

The supplementary information and map that Nature has just posted are rather interesting.

Contaminated Polio Vaccine Theory Not Refuted

[Edward Hooper's response to the latest brief communication in Nature by Michael Worobey, Beatrice Hahn and colleagues, entitled "Contaminated polio vaccine theory refuted". Nature; 2004; 428; 820.]


The first thing to notice about this one-page paper by Worobey et al. is the media blitz that has preceded it. It has been heavily promoted on Nature's web-site for five days before publication, and features an embargo date, in the hope of ensuring coordinated media coverage.

As Far as is Known, Modern Polio Vaccines are Safe

Over the last three and a half years, doctors Hilary Koprowski and Stanley Plotkin have made a series of false allegations about my book The River. Among these is the claim that the book has caused the collapse of polio vaccination programmes in Africa and elsewhere, and that I am therefore personally responsible for many deaths, and for the failure to eradicate poliomyelitis from the planet.

Could an Ancient Sample of HIV-1 be Faked?

A warning about possible malpractice involving ancient tissue samples from Africa.

Edward Hooper 1 December, 2003;
updated 11 February, 2004;
posted 26 February, 2004

Since November 2003, the MFP/Galafilm documentary entitled "The Origin of AIDS" has been showing on television stations in different countries, with further broadcasts planned in 2004.

Opposition to the OPV Theory

The Marx/Drucker theory of iatrogenic spread through unsterile needles, and the recent intervention by Professor David Gisselquist, who claims that most HIV infections in Africa are caused through this same route

by Edward Hooper

The most interesting counter-argument against the OPV theory of origin of AIDS has been put forward by two American scientists, Preston Marx and Ernest Drucker. [See: "Serial human passage of simian immunodeficiency virus by unsterile injections and the emergence of epidemic human immunodeficiency virus in Africa", by P.A. Marx, P.G. Alcabes and E. Drucker, Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. Lond. B; 2001; 356; 911-920.] They take the cut hunter/natural transfer scenario (which theoretically could have occurred at any time in the last few million years, since chimps and humans became separate species), and invest it with a necessary time-frame. They do this by proposing that there was an amplification factor, this being the arrival in Africa of disposable needles (which were none the less reused). Apparently needle deliveries to Africa experienced an exponential rise in the 1950s.

The Story of a Man-Made Disease

17 March, 2003; revised 22 April, 2003.

A much abbreviated and modified version of this article appeared as "Aids and the polio vaccine", London Review of Books, Vol. 25, No. 7, 3 April 2003,

When their leaders cannot be relied upon, people believe what they are led to believe. Truth and knowledge become perverted by political expediency, by the needs of the day.

Position Paper on the Origins of HIV/AIDS Debate

Position paper to coincide with the publication of the proceedings of the Royal Society conference on "The Origins of HIV and the AIDS Epidemic"

Edward Hooper 14 June, 2001

Key Points

Professor Robin Weiss, one of the organisers of the Royal Society conference on the origins of HIV and AIDS, recently declared the oral polio vaccine (OPV) theory of origin dead. "Some beautiful facts have destroyed an ugly theory", he wrote.

State of Debate on the Origins of AIDS

Backgrounder on the origins of AIDS debate, following the Royal Society meeting of September 2000 and its aftermath. (Originally written in recognition of World AIDS Day, December 2000, and updated on June 14, 2001.)

It is now twenty years since the new condition of AIDS was first recognised and reported in a medical journal (by two Los Angeles doctors), and World AIDS Day 2000 sees a tragic situation. According to the World Health Organization, over 60 million people have been infected with HIV since the start of the pandemic, of whom nearly 24 million have died.

Comments on the Papers by Stanley Plotkin and Hilary Koprowski

Comments on the papers by Stanley Plotkin and Hilary Koprowski presented at the Royal Society meeting on "Origins of HIV and the AIDS Epidemic" in September 2000

Edward Hooper, Somerset, U.K. October 15, 2000

All three papers presented by doctors Plotkin and Koprowski at this conference were characterised by inaccuracies, errors and obfuscation.


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