“Back in ten minutes” – A Personal Message From Ed Hooper

I have greatly enjoyed the feedback and comment which this site has engendered since it first opened three years ago.

During those three years I have received thousands of messages and enquiries, and I have replied to the great majority. Occasionally one slips through the net, and to those persons I have failed to respond to, I do apologise.

Incredibly, whenever there has been comment from my readers, it has been positive. Sometimes people have debated with me about this or that aspect of the work, but all the feedback (where there has been feedback) has been extremely kind, and has encouraged me to continue my work. By chance, the first exception to this arrived this past week, but it was a letter couched in reassuringly childish terms of personal abuse, and not one to cause too many sleepless nights!

Of particular value have been the occasional contributions from whistle-blowers, most of which have required courage in one form or another. Some of these have been quite remarkable. A few whistle-blowers have provided valuable information from fifty years ago, while others have given important first-hand information about various of the scientists who are so determined to “refute” the OPV/AIDS hypothesis by fair means or foul….and usually the latter!

Other responders have been kind enough to offer financial contributions which, up to now, I have always declined. However, in the future I may possibly set up a facility whereby people can donate money via this site if they wish to do so. (The only rider would be that I would not accept donations from persons who wished to influence the content or editorial independence of the site in any way. In the past, two people have offered me large sums, but with a proviso – for instance if I was to front a class action suit against some of the vaccine experimenters. I don’t feel that such a course of action is appropriate. I’m the one who does the research, and it would compromise the process if I were also to get involved with related legal actions.) If I do decide to instal a Donations button it will be purely because, like everyone else, I have to pay my own way, and (with the exception of a $1,000 donation from a friend in 1990, and the £2,000 lent me, and later given me, by Professor Bill Hamilton in 1993) I have been 100% financially independent throughout the 17 years I have been researching this subject.

As an aside, I have twice in the last four years engendered income by buying a barn and a house and by renovating and reselling them. However, because I put a lot of myself into these activities (and of course enjoy them as they unfold), I have found such work to be far more time-consuming than I would have liked. In any case, property developing (even the way I have done it, which is on a confirmedly amateur basis) is not a lifestyle that sits very happily with my politics.

Before closing, I’d like to offer a couple of words of thanks. I’d like to thank the Webmaster of this site, a university professor who has a very full professional and personal life, and yet who still manages to run this site in his free time – and free of charge, too. Secondly, I’d like to thank all of you who have visited the site, and who have been interested enough to get in touch to offer comment and feedback. All of you have played a part.

Thanks especially to those of you who have recognised that there is more to the story of how AIDS began than meets the eye, and who have realised that (given the available evidence) it is highly unlikely that the four recognised epidemics and outbreaks of AIDS began because, at some time in the early decades of the twentieth century, four different African hunters or bushmeat-sellers got infected with SIV while killing or butchering chimpanzees or sooty mangabeys, and thus started four different AIDS outbreaks. I’m also impressed by the number of people who get in touch and who recognise something that still shocks me – namely that a significant proportion of scientists practice misleading science, or even corrupt science, mainly for political ends or personal gain. All of you clearly believe that the world is a better place when the activities of such persons are exposed – and I find this massively reassuring.

Finally, I’d like to announce that I will be relatively silent for the next few months, which will probably mean that I am less able (or even unable) to respond to e-mail enquiries and the like. But please be assured: I am not asleep. Instead, I am busy with my next project. Sometimes, in order to really concentrate, you have to shut yourself away for a while. As for the project….sorry, no clues for now, but it will be interesting, I promise you that.

So…..back in ten minutes. I’ll be in touch.

Ed Hooper July 1st, 2007.