The Dirty Side of the Origin-of-AIDS Debate

In 1999, when my book The River was published, considerable publicity was given to the theory that AIDS might have arisen as a result of a contaminated oral polio vaccine (OPV) called CHAT, which was fed to roughly a million persons in central Africa between 1957 and 1960.

Those who had been involved with preparing and administering the vaccine were alarmed, as were many other senior scientists in Europe and America, some of whom considered that if the theory was proved correct, it could shake public confidence in all vaccinations, and could lead to very substantial class action law suits.

A meeting was staged at the Royal Society in London in September 2000, to investigate the OPV hypothesis, but it did not take place on a level playing-field. Largely as a result of the bias shown by conference organiser Robin Weiss, the theory was not fairly examined, and flawed and irrelevant evidence was presented as if it disproved the theory.

Some months later, the journals Nature and Science completed the job, by simultaneously publishing commentaries in which it was claimed that the theory had been “destroyed” by hard scientific evidence. The impression gained by most people was that eminent scientists had disposed of another controversial hypothesis.

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Every single “disproof” of the OPV theory has since been revealed as either erroneous, or flawed.

The grandees of Science (including representatives of the two major scientific journals) have quite cynically twisted the evidence to achieve not scientific truth, but a politically acceptable result. A whitewash, in short.

In the course of this process, many scientists have behaved with a conspicuous lack of integrity. And many, quite simply, have lied.

For four years now, these scientists have managed to keep a lid on the “ugly theory”, as Robin Weiss likes to call it.

Meanwhile, however, a growing number of scientists have been revealing the shortcomings in the alleged “disproofs” of the OPV theory.

I also have been busy, having discovered new and crucial evidence that was missing from “The River”.

In essence, it is this. The CHAT vaccine that was fed in central Africa was not prepared in the US, as has been widely claimed, but in the Belgian Congo, and it was made in the cells of chimpanzees. (Chimps are host to the SIV, or simian immunodeficiency virus, that is the direct ancestor of the AIDS virus, HIV-1.)

Some of the testimonial evidence supporting this claim features in a major new television documentary called “The Origins of AIDS”, which is due to be shown in a dozen countries around the world, mostly in a 90-minute version. Those who have lied about the OPV theory for so long are now extremely rattled, for a large new population is about to become acquainted with the evidence.

I believe that this is an appropriate moment to post some new articles on this web-site. These articles place on the record certain important details about the debate which are not widely known. They will reveal some of the untruths, spin and misinformation that have been disseminated by certain scientists, including some who are regarded as eminent members of that profession.

This new material has significant implications. Not only does it reveal how the worst pandemic in world history almost certainly began. It also reveals that when people have a lot of money and power and a great deal to lose, they sometimes resort to covering up, rather than owning up.

This is how the cover-up has been organised.