“The Origins of AIDS” Documentary, 2003

Although versions of this multiple prize-winning film (which focuses on the OPV theory and the opposition it has encountered) have been available on and off on the Web for the last 10 years, the Canadian producers have made strenuous efforts to have any unofficial versions taken down. This would have been entirely reasonable had they made it easy to purchase the film documentary through other channels, but rather surprisingly they have not done so. No downloadable version was made available for purchase, and otherwise the film could only be bought from North America, via a quite complicated purchase procedure that ran through the National Film Board of Canada web-site. Moreover, at different times either the short (42-minute) or full-length (91-minute) versions of the film were unavailable for purchase. The reasons for the producers’ unwillingness to make the film more freely available are not known, but many have surmised that they may have come under external pressures. (The French co-producers took another approach, and in about 2005 quite suddenly refused to handle the film any more.)

What I know is that over the last ten years the most frequent question I have been asked by readers of this site is how to purchase a copy of this film. I have posted details about the purchasing process, but relatively few have managed to procure a copy through this route. I believe that (ten years after the film’s release) it is time to make the film available by a direct link that is available through this site.

I have just checked the NFB of Canada web-site, to find that although both the 42-minute and 91-minute versions of the film are listed, only the former is available for purchase. Those who wish to purchase the 42-minute version of the film are invited to access it via the National Film Board of Canada web-site.

For those who simply want to watch the full-length version of the film (the version that I recommend), here it is.