Second Letter to Prof. Iliffe

February 26th, 2006

Dear Professor Iliffe,

Thankyou for your note dated February 23rd, and for the generous references to my work on pages 202 and 203 of your book, which I had not previously read.

In response to the detailed points in my letter, you write merely that you “[will] not enter into controversy”. But you have already entered into controversy with your claim that the OPV theory can be “ruled out”, when, as I have pointed out to you, this is not the case. Indeed, in your explanation of that claim in the book, one of the reasons you provide is incorrect, while the other is highly contentious.

I am concerned that you make no response at all to my pointing out this significant error in your otherwise compelling book.

I’m also disappointed that you have not responded to the three brief questions I asked at the end of my letter. Surely it is customary either to respond to the questions of your readers, or at the least to provide an adequate reason for not doing so?

I look forward to a more forthcoming reply.

Yours sincerely,

Edward Hooper